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Welcome to Werewolf Punks

This is the New Player Orientation page - where you will learn how to better integrate into our game and meld into the way the game is played and the game world around you. This is the page you should be visiting after you have completed the steps on the character creation page, and have had your first character approved.

Getting Help on WWP

Any time you'd like to spend xp, set your downtime actions or do anything related to plot, come to #HelpMeOMG - we will happily help you there.

A few things to note:

  • We only help one person at a time. In order to stop clogging, please ask in #ooc if the room is available for use - if you don't get a response, feel free to PM one of us to see if we're available.
  • Helpers cannot, as of this time, approve any stat above 3, any rites, or any gifts. This rests solely on M3 and Panos. Please keep this in mind when you join the help room.
  • Don't be scared of us if we ask you to hop in! We don't bite!



The World We Create (and what you can and can't add)

(WIP - info about character run plot and PC background info)


There is a concept called "bleed" that is discussed here in this forum post: click on it! Enjoy it!

House Rules


Downtime Actions

How to Request XP


The following channels are used for the RP on Werewolf Punks.

OOC Channels

These channels are used for OOC purposes only, for various reasons.

  1. ooc = Self explanatory!
  2. HelpMeOMG = Our help room, for various things.
  3. dice_primary = Main dice room, used for most combat and other dice rolling scenarios. Please do not idle here.
  4. dice_secondary = Secondary dice room, used when the other is in use. Please do not idle here.
  5. communications = This is used for any important phone calls that you wish to have logged by the bot.
  6. SABBAThelp! = This is the help room for the Sabbat game. If you are interested, please see Eli/Terry for more information.

IC Channels

These channels are used for IC purposes, and only for their intended purposes (unless an ST overrides these purposes). A majority of these channels have descriptions on the side bar of the wiki (to the left).

  1. thebawn = Self explanatory! A room that is dedicated to the whole of the bawn.
  2. Cliff_Bells_Piano_Bar = A charming piano jazz bar.
  3. Conservatory = a large dome conservatory with 5 acres of gardens surrounding it.
  4. DowntownDetroit = Self explanatory! Can be used for much of anything set downtown.
  5. GrossPointe = a ritzy residential neighborhood.
  6. MotorCityMetal = the Get of Fenris vassal sept.
  7. Rockys = the bar on the Bawn, a hot spot for Garou.
  8. TownhousePark = The area where the guest townhouses are located and where Rocky's can be seen from.
  9. Townhouse1 = A channel used for one of the townhouses.
  10. Townhouse2 = A second townhouse channel.
  11. TheGhettos = The Ghettos!
  12. TheShelter = A shelter downtown.
  13. Umbra = Also self explanatory!

General Purpose Channels

These channels are General Purpose Channels available to all. These channels are to use for any room that is private - that is, if your scene takes you somewhere that isn't easily accessible to anyone, or you want a private conversation. It is polite, also, to take your RP to a private/GP (general purpose) channel from larger channels if it is only you and one or two other people, and it is a secondary RP to a much larger scene, so there is no confusion between the two.

  1. Industrial
  2. Punk
  3. shadowlands = Technically... this ISN'T general purpose? But it is. No one should EVER be in the shadow lands. If you are and you're not with an ST then you've broken a rule and you'll be whipped with a wet noodle. But really. It's okay. Use this as a general purpose channel.

Den Channels

These channels have changed over time and are not ALL the right name for the right pack. But some still are! So here are the den channels. Note that they will always look busy - but that is because they have people in them for mind-link purposes via the totem. Not because there will actually be RP there. Don't be intimidated.

  1. aegisden
  2. denofThundah
  3. Feral_Grin_Den
  4. grumpbirbfolief
  5. Murder_Den