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And they came up on the broad plain of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city, and fire came down from heaven and devoured them
Revelations 20:9

Deed Names :


Description :

He's not too tall, but he seems well built, having the body of a short distance runner. His words are honey, his manners are impeccable, his smiles soft - but they never reach his eyes. Something in his eyes has a permanent nefarious glint. There's a quiet confidence in him, a sense of wonder and joke about everything that's going on around him. He tends to be clad in the best tailored suits available, the only visible jewelry on him a gold rolex. (( App 3, Charisma 4, Intimidation 4, Rage 8 ))

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Reputation :

Milos has lingered between glory and infamy in his entire life. A man capable of both positive, and negative extremes - he's known for moments of overwhelming kindness, as well as for moments of unspeakable cruelty. His past follows that contrast, there is all in there, from unjust murders, to feats of defiance, to him protecting the innocent. There are not a few people who speculate he may be truely crazy, his personality torn in a world of pure black, or pure white. His response to that is usually a soft smile, and that one reaches all the way into his eyes.

It is well known fact, that he is connected with many of the garou now populating the caern. A few of them, where in his pack, Steel Tempest. In another state, another caern. Now, they lead packs of their own. It is known that it was his personal choice not to lead another pack, despite being asked by several parties. Those closest to him know that he never enjoyed such a level of micromanagement.

Lately, he seems calmer. More composed. That everpresent nefarious glare into his eyes has dulled. Perhaps it is age catching up with him, perhaps something else. He has moderated every challenge with detached interest, and an iron focus to a fair decree, whatever the parties involved.

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Rumors :

Rumor has it that he was the leader of a succesful pack in the western united states, a long standing alpha who left after personal tragedy hit him, to travel all over the world, in a questfor something he could never get. Somehow, a few years later, he returned - and that hole inside him was gone. Other rumors claim about heroic stands in the face of death, and tricking the minions of the wyrm into their own death. He never boasts about his deed names, or his past. There's too many skeletons in there.

Rumor also has it he is in possession of something rare. Too rare. Something hidden somewhere in the caern. Some people speculate that even the elders dont know, but that just has to be rumor. Still, he is not making any mention to it, none of them does. Whatever it is, information is not forthcoming, and even bringing it up is propable to incite a violent response.

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