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“The treachery of demons is nothing compared to the betrayal of an angel.”

Deed Names :

Waxing The Calm-Bringer
Waning Wrath of the Heavens

Her Lupus form was quite noticeably... Lilly. Generally sporting what was paramount to nothing less than a stupid grin plastered across a wolf's face, with a very hyena-esque laugh looking like it was about to take place. Her joins had spine'd orange tufts of soft fur leading into jet black edges, sprouting from her elbows and shoulders, along with ridged tufts of orange and red fur along either side of her back, almost looking like soft scales of fluff. Her entire body has red spray-paint coloured spirals going through it, a large one swirling counter clockwise on her chest. She almost has a mane of spiky orange hair behind her neck. Oddly enough her ears and mane start going jet black around the edges... giving off the fact she did have a rather strong amount of ShadowLord Blood pumping through her.