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Deep within the island lies the Glade. It’s place revered by Garou and spirits alike. The spirit's call it “The last lingering pulse”, and it's not easy to find. You have to know the paths. You have to know where to abandon the path and venture into the green. A few people know where it is, and they're not sharing. Why would they? Everything the weaver has touched in this city has died.

You can feel it, reaching out like tendrils which pull you in the closer you get. The color of the leaves, the scent of earth and foliage, birds sing, and waters runs with a vibration that strikes into the core of the living. And the forest? It grows thicker. It doesn't want you to go there. Branches block the path. Weeds hide it. Eyes peer at whoever approaches. Those persistent enough will eventually run into it, and what they'll see they won't forget.

It doesn't appear as anything important in the beginning, it's a small waterfall, surrounded by trees, and blooming plants, nothing unusual really. But it's the ambience, one that make city-born humans uneasy. For they know that this place is one that no human hand has dared to touch, and they slowly begin to understand why. The water is just the right temperature, the birdsong seems to take on a new meaning, the leaves look all the more greener. And that's just the beginning.

Nobody has ever seen anything but animals and plants in the Glade. One will not encounter another here. It seems like the sort of place someone chooses to visit by himself. Nature will embrace the character here, the animals will approach him - the trees will offer their toil. Maybe that's what the earth was like, when man was still new. Before he lost his soul.


The Glade is a portal directly to the Wyld realms. Rumor has it that if you stay long enough, time will grow slow. You might find yourself returning as an old man, or not at all. Rumor has it that the waters can cure illnesses of the mind, and bestow a supernatural calm to the one who drinks them