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Creating a character for Werewolf Punks can and should be supplemented by the Werewolf the Apocalypse: 20th Anniversary Edition Core Rulebook. In order to get started with your character, you must first create a Google document with the blank sheet found here: Click Me for the blank WWP sheet! . This sheet is not editable - instead you must create a copy of your own, and edit that one. When you are finished with your sheet, please send it to werewolfpunks (AT)

Once you have a sheet to edit, you need to know the following: What do you want to play? This requires you to know the following: what we allow, and how to build it.

Once you know what you want to play, understand this: your character will be the protagonist in the story that we want to tell in a setting that we have built in Detroit, MI. What we want to do with this wiki page is walk you through the steps in making a Garou character sheet - one that fits both the game and our house rules/changes for the game we run. This lets us assist you without being actively talking to you - after all, Garou are pack animals and we do not want to set you up to fail.

Please keep in mind: players are allowed 3 total characters. 2 garou, and 1 kin.



Please use the following to build a Cliath Garou:

Attributes: 8/5/3 (instead of 7/5/3)
Abilities: 13/9/6 (instead of 13/9/5)
Backgrounds: 6 (instead of 5)
Freebies: 20 (instead of 15)
Gifts: 3 (one each from breed, tribe, and auspice only)
Renown: Based on rank and auspice (Cliath - or Fostern if building after the death of a long running character - see ST for details)
Willpower: Based on tribe (Capped at 7 at creation)
Rage: Based on auspice (Capped at 5 at creation)
Gnosis: Basded on breed (Capped at 5 at creation)
Lores: Do not need to be purchased, reliant on character background

The template to build a Kinfolk is at the bottom of the page.

The template to build a Cub (at ST discretion/permission only) is the base build without the additional dots, and without gifts or rites. This will be clarified should permission be granted.


The following restrictions apply while you build your character sheet. Please keep these in mind as you move through the creation process:

• There is a list of restricted and banned traits (merits, flaws, backgrounds, etc) on our House Rules page. Please read those and apply that information to the build process.
• If you are purchasing Rites at creation, you are limited to level 1 rites, regardless of the background level you purchase. You may learn 2 and above in game, per ST approval.


The first step before spending any points into a character, is deciding on a concept. A concept should eventually lead to a background that is written on the character sheet. This doesn't need to be a masterpiece, but it should allow us to see why you have chosen to put the lores on your sheet that you have, without asking you to pay for them. We'll discuss that later!

Here is where you choose your breed, tribe and auspice. Below is a list of all of those to choose from, whether or not they are free to play without ST approval, and small blurbs about each one. For more information about each, please see the W20 core book.

Once you have chosen your breed, tribe, and auspice, move on to Step Two: Attributes.



This breed is open to all players.

Born human and raised by human parents, you were not aware of your heritage until you experienced your first change — though you’ve felt the effects of Rage burning within you before that. It’s likely that you were completely unaware of the werewolves in your family tree, unless you were raised in a Sept. This, too, is an option.
Initial Gnosis: 1
Beginning Gifts: Apecraft's Blessing, City Running, Master of Fire, Persuasion, Smell of Man


This breed is heavily restricted, and are currently not allowed. You must get ST approval to play this breed.

Your parents are both Garou. They brok the Litany in a moment of animal passion and you're the twisted result. Raised in a sept among other werewolves, you know Garou culture better than most homids or lupus. Your parents' crime left you malformed and sterile, a visible reminder of their crime. At creation, you must take a Metis deformity.
Initial Gnosis: 3
Beginning Gifts: Create Element, Primal Anger, Rat Head, Sense Wyrm, Shed


This breed is restricted. You must get ST approval to play this breed.

You were born a wolf and spent your first two years among wolves. Your first change didn't come until you were almost fully grown. You haven't the sophistication or understanding of the human world of a homid, but your instincts and connection to the wild is much stronger.
Initial Gnosis: 5
Beginning Gifts: Hare's Leap, heightened Senses, Predator's Arsenal, Prey Mind, Sense Prey


Ragabash: New Moon

Questioners and tricksters who stalk the wyrm with guile and cunning.
Initial Rage: 1
Beginning Gifts: Blur of the Milky Eye, Liar's Face, Open Seal, Scent of Running Water, Infectious Laughter
Beginning Renown: Three in any combination

Theurge: Crescent Moon

Seers and shamans who clearly understand spirits and their ways.
Initial Rage: 2
Beginning Gifts: Mother's Touch, Sense Wyrm, Spirit Binding, Spirit Speech, Umbral Tether
Beginning Renown: 3 Wisdom

Philodox: Half Moon

Judges and lawmakers who balance the dual nature of man and wolf.
Initial Rage: 3
Beginning Gifts: Fangs of Judgment, Persuasion, Resist Pain, Scent of the True Form, Truth of Gaia
Beginning Renown: 3 Honor

Galliard: Gibbous Moon

Lore-keepers and tale-singers who tell the deeds of Garou past to inspire the present.
Initial Rage: 4
Beginning Gifts: Beast Speech, Call of the Wyld, Heightend Senses, Mindspeak, Perfect Recall
Beginning Renown: 2 Glory, 1 Wisdom

Ahroun: Full Moon

Warriors and protectors who bring destruction to the Wyrm wherever it dwells and breeds.
Initial Rage: 5
Beginning Gifts: Falling Touch, Inspiration, Pack Tactics, Razor Claws, Spur Claws
Beginning Renown: 2 Glory, 1 Honor


Black Furies

This tribe is OPEN to play.
Defenders of the wild places and fierce warriors for their fellow women. Most Black Furies are female; the only males in their tribe are metis.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: No restrictions.
Beginning Gifts: Breath of the Wyld, Man's Skin, Heightened Senses, Sense Wyrm, Wyld Resurgence

Bone Gnawers

This tribe is OPEN to play.
As the best-informed tribe, the Bone Gnawers are consummate spies. Members live in poverty, and have a casual regard for Garou traditions.
Initial Willpower: 4
Backgrounds: Resources - Discouraged. Ancestors, Pure Breed - Restricted.
Beginning Gifts: Cooking, Desperate Strength, Resist Toxin, Scent of Sweet Honey

Children of Gaia

This tribe is OPEN to play.
The most moderate tribe, the Children of Gaia nurture what little the Wyrm has not corrupted and often speak out on humanity's side.
Initial Willpower: 4
Backgrounds: No restrictions.
Beginning Gifts: Brother's Scent, Jam Weapon, Mercy, Mother's Touch, Resist Pain


This tribe is OPEN to play.
Originally of Celtic descent, the Fianna hold on to a lust for both celebration and battle, wherever they are in the world.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: No restrictions. Kinfolk recommended.
Beginning Gifts: Faerie Light, Hare's Leap. Persuasion, Resist Toxin, Two Tongues

Get of Fenris

This tribe is OPEN to play.
Dedicated to the Wyrm's destruction, the Get are savage and bloodthirsty warriors who take great pride in their Germanic and Scandinavian heritage.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: Contacts are discouraged.
Beginning Gifts: Lightning Reflexes, Master of Fire, Razor Claws, Resist Pain, Visage of Fenris

Glass Walkers

This tribe is OPEN to play.
The ultimate urban predators, the Glass Walkers take the war against the Wyrm into the boardroom and the skyscraper - though other Garou do not trust them.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: Ancestors, Pure Breed - Restricted. Mentor - Discouraged.
Beginning Gifts: Control Simple Machine, Diagnostics, Persuasion, Plug and Play, Trick Shot

Red Talons

This tribe is RESTRICTED to play, and neeed ST approval.
Living in the deep wilderness, this tribe only allows lupus and some metis to join. They believe that the only way to beat the Wyrm is to exterminate humanity.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: Allies, Contacts - discouraged. Resources - restricted. Kinfolk - wolf only.
Beginning Gifts: Beast Speech, Eye of the Hunter, Hidden Killer, Scent of Running Water, Wolf at the Door

Shadow Lords

This tribe is OPEN to play.
Cunning, deceptive and domineering, the Shadow Lords have a burning drive to lead the whole Garou Nation.
Initial Willpower: 4
Backgrounds: Allies, Mentor - discouraged.
Beginning Gifts: Aura of Confidence, Fatal Flaw, Seizing the Edge, Shadow Weaving, Whisper Catching

Silent Striders

This tribe is RESTRICTED to play, and neeed ST approval.
Exiled from their homeland, the Silent Striders travel constantly. Many learn the secrets of the physical or spiritual world on their journeys.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: Ancestors - restricted. Resources - discouraged.
Beginning Gifts: Heaven's Guidance, Sense Wyrm, Silence, Speed of Thought, Visions of Dust

Silver Fangs

This tribe is RESTRICTED to play, and neeed ST approval.
The hereditary rulers of the Garou Nation, their careful maintenance of royal blood has led to inbreeding and the taint of madness.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: All Silver Fangs pust purchase at least 3 dots of Pure Breed.
Beginning Gifts: Eye of the Falcon, Falcon's Grasp, Inspiration, Lambent Flame, Sense Wyrm


This tribe is OPEN to play.
Ascetics who seek to master their own Rage, the Stargazers wander the world striking at the Wyrm wherever they find it.
Initial Willpower: 4
Backgrounds: Allies, Fetish, Resources - discouraged.
Beginning Gifts: Balance, Channeling, Falling Touch, Iron Resolve, Sense Wyrm


This tribe is RESTRICTED to play, and neeed ST approval.
Mysterious and mystical, the Uktena are a tribe of outsiders charged with guarding the resting places of many powerful banes, though this taints them by association.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: No restrictions.
Beginning Gifts: Sense Magic, Sense Wyrm, Shroud, Spirit of the Lizard, Spirit Speech


This tribe is RESTRICTED to play, and neeed ST approval.
The only tribe made of up primarily Native American werewolves, the Wendigo are cold and insular, guarding their caerns against even other Garou.
Initial Willpower: 4
Backgrounds: Contacts, Resources - discouraged.
Beginning Gifts: Beat of the Heart-Drum, Call the Breeze, Camourflage, Ice Echo, Resist Pain


Attributes are chosen and assigned in Primary (8), Secondary (5), and Tertiary (3) order. Each attribute will start with 1 dot already in it, and you add dots to it, using up the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary dots.

If an Attribute is raised to a 4 or above, it must have a Specialty added to it. Please see our list of specialties for help. Please note that attributes raised to 5 will be subject to ST scrutiny.



• Poor: You can lift 40 lb. (about 20 kg).
•• Average: You can lift 100 lb. (around 50 kg).
••• Good: You can lift 250 lb. (a little over 100 kg).
•••• Exceptional: You can lift 400 lb. (close to 200 kg).

••••• Outstanding: You can lift 650 lb. (nearly 300 kg).


• Poor: You trip and stumble just walking across carpet.
•• Average: You're no cymnast, but you don't embarrass yourself, either.
••• Good: There's some grace in your movements and lightness to your step.
•••• Exceptional: You've got the potential to be a world-class acrobat, dancer or thief.

••••• Outstanding: Your agility and control over your movements is possibly the stuff of legends. Every step you take is fluid, graceful and lithe.


• Poor: You gasp for breath after one flight of stairs.
•• Average: You can take a punch.
••• Good: A day's hike without food or water isn't too much for you to bear.
•••• Exceptional: Whether it's a two day forced march or sneering at the faces of your torturers, you're up to the task.

••••• Outstanding: Your constitution and will to survive can overcome any threat.



• Poor: People just don't find it easy to like you.
•• Average: People think you're kind of friendly and fairly easy to get along with.
••• Good: People trust you, and look to you in tough circumstances.
•••• Exceptional: You draw in admirers like bees to honey. No one's ever a stranger for long.

••••• Outstanding: You're an inspiring leader of both humans and werewolves.


• Poor: You'd have trouble getting a starving wolf to eat freshly killed rabbit.
•• Average: You're as sly as the next person; sometimes you got it, sometimes you don't.
••• Good: You always get a discount for cash or one for the road.
•••• Exceptional: Folks do what you want them to, whether they realize it or not.

••••• Outstanding: You could turn a pack against their own totem if you wished.


• Poor: You turn off both wolves and humans with your presence.
•• Average: You're just another face in the crowd.
••• Good: People keep trying to buy you drinks, even if you refuse.
•••• Exceptional: People stop you in the street just to make your acquaintance.

••••• Outstanding: Nobody can forget meeting you.



• Poor: You wouldn't notice the Wyrm itself in front of you.
•• Average: You get the general idea when trouble brews, but the details can elude you.
••• Good: You know the general feeling of a room when you walk in, and you're rarely surprised.
•••• Exceptional: You notice just about everything, even when one of your senses is dulled.

••••• Outstanding: You didn't need to look to see that click beetle painted with the Magadon logo in the neighbor's potted plant.


• Poor: Slow on the uptake, you have a hard time with riddles and crosswords.
•• Average: You know enough to know your limits.
••• Good: You can recognize patterns that most people miss, if you've got time.
•••• Exceptional: You can easily sort and classify even complex information to draw out new conclusions.

••••• Outstanding: You're a genius. Given time, you can figure out just about anything.


• Poor: You're fodder for every Ragabash you meet.
•• Average: You know the incoming bullets have the right of way.
••• Good: You can handle a fast-paced debate and make a good showing of yourself.
•••• Exceptional: You're infamous for your quick retorts; it's difficult to catch you off balance.

••••• Outstanding: You think and respond almost before you can act.


Abilities are also chosen and assigned in Primary (13), Secondary (9), and Tertiary (6) order. These abilities will all start at zero (0) and you will build from there. A few things to remember:

• No ability can go above 3 before freebies are spent. To go to 4 and above, freebie points must be spent into those dots - the costs are below!
• Talents, Skills, and Knowledges are separated into things you can do unskilled, sorta-unskilled, and can't attempt without skill. The difficulty modifiers to attempt these things are 0 (for talents), +1 difficulty (for skills). You may not make any tests for knowledges you do not have. Spend your points wisely!
• Any ability that ends up at 4 after freebie point spends needs a specialty. Click here to go to our specialties page for help.
• There are certain abilities that need to have a specialty even without being at 4. These are: expression, academics, science, performance, crafts, and technology. Choose a specialty for these even if you take 1 dot in these abilities. Please see our specialties list for help.

Please note that abilities raised to 5 will be subject to ST scrutiny.






All backgrounds are capped at 3, without ST approval.


Your friends and confidantes among humans and wolves.

• One ally, of moderate influence and power (doctor or veterinarian, local activist).
•• Two allies, both of moderate power (district ranger, deputy sheriff, popular blogger)
••• Three allies, one of them quite influential (news paper editor, local philanthropist)
•••• Four allies, one of them very influential (city councilman, military base commander)

••••• Five allies, one of them extremely influential (mayor, senator's aide)


The abilty to channel the knowledge and skills of those Garou who have gone before. Please see the core book for how to properly use this background - success gives additional dice on a roll. Botches can end up in possession or catatonia.

• You have brief, hazy visions from the distant past
•• You remember faces and places from past lives just as you remember those of your early childhood
••• You put names to faces among your ancestors
•••• Ancestors converse with you on a regular basis

••••• Your ancestors watch your adventures with interest, and they often come to counsel you.


A network of people throughout human society that you can tap for information.


A prophesy surrounding you and your pack that you will fulfill.


You have an item of some sort with a spirit bound within it, giving it supernatural powers.


Relatives who you are in touch with, human and wolf, who are immune to the Delirium.


A Garou of higher Rank who has taken an interest in your progress and offers advice.

Pure Breed

You have the blood of a Garou hero in your veins and others can see it within you.


Your personal wealth, possessions and income.


You know a number of rites, rituals empowered with spirit magic.

Spirit Heritage

You have the touch of a particular type of spirit on you and they treat you as their own.


The packs totem is a unique spirit and the background is pooled among the pack to create it.


When choosing gifts, you must choose one from each category: tribe, auspice and breed. All of the appropriate gifts are listed above, and all of the descriptions of each gift can be found in the W20 Core book.


Record the renown needed to be a Cliath of whatever auspice you've chosen. That is listed above in the Auspice writeup.



Starting rage is determined by auspice, and is listed above with each auspice description, as well as here.

• Ahroun (Full Moon): 5
• Galliard (Gibbous Moon): 4
• Philodox (Half Moon): 3
• Theurge (Crescent Moon): 2
• Ragabash (No Moon): 1


Starting gnosis is determined by breed, and is listed above with each breed description, as well as here. Noted above, also, are the restricted and open breeds.

• Homid: 1 Gnosis
• Metis: 3 Gnosis
• Lupus: 5 Gnosis


Starting willpower is determined by tribe, and is listed above with each tribe description. Noted above, also, are the restricted and open tribes.

• Black Furies: Willpower 3
• Bone Gnawers: Willpower 4
• Children of Gaia: Willpower 4
• Fianna: Willpower 3
• Get of Fenris: Willpower 3
• Glass Walkers: Willpower 3
• Red Talons: Willpower 3
• Shadow Lords: Willpower 3
• Silent Striders: Willpower 3
• Silver Fangs: Willpower 3
• Stargazers: Willpower 4
• Uktena: Willpower 3
• Wendigo: Willpower 4


All new characters will be rank 1 (Cliath) unless otherwise specified by an ST. The other option when creating a character is playing Kinfolk, in which case, this step is not necessary.

Merits and Flaws

All Merits and Flaws from the W20 Core Book will be considered. For each flaw point you take, you gain 1 freebie point. You may not gain more than 7 freebies this way, though with ST approval you may take more than 7 dots of flaws, if you want to punish your character accordingly.

Considering merits and flaws does not mean automatic approval.

Freebie Points

You now have 20 freebie points to spend on your character sheet. Here is a list of costs to help you:

Trait' Cost
Attributes: 5 per dot
Abilites: 2 per dot
Backgrounds: 1 per dot
Gifts: 7 per gift (Level One Only)
Rage: 1 per dot
Gnosis: 2 per dot
Willpower 1 per dot


Please use the folowing to build a Kinfolk:

Concept: Nature, Demeanor, Tribe, Breed, Relation. - Please use the archetypes page for help.
Attributes: 6/4/3
Abilities: 11/7/4
Backgrounds: 5 - From Allies, Contacts, Equipment, Mentor, Pure Breed and Resources (Tribal Restrictions are below)
Freebies: 21

Bone Gnawers: May not purchase Pure Breed or more than three dots of Resources
Glass Walkers: May not Purchase Pure Breed or Mentor
Red Talons: May not purchase Resources or human Allies or Contacts
Shadow Lords: May not purchase Mentor
Silent Striders: May not purchase more than three dots of Resources
Silver Fangs: Must purchase at least one point of Pure Breed. (Kinfolk Silver Fang bloodlines may be born without Pure Breed, but the tribe does not recognize them as true Silver Fang Kin.)
Stargazers: May not purchase more than three dots of Resources
Wendigo: May not purchase more than three dots of Resources